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Are there any side effects to receiving an IV therapy solution?

There are no major negative side effects.  Some clients note a cooling sensation in their arm, and a slight mineral taste throughout the process.  Minor bruising or discoloration may occur at the IV site.

Is it painful?

At Alive Therapy we strive to maintain a pleasant experience.  Our staff use the smallest needle possible to minimize discomfort.  Some clients may experience slight discomfort during IV insertion that has been described as a small pinch.  However, most clients find the experience calming and relaxing.

How long does the procedure last?

Our solutions typically last between 30-45 minutes.

Is it safe?

 Yes, vitamin IV therapy is very safe. All of our solutions are administered by a team of registered nurses and certified paramedics overseen by a medical director. We use the finest vitamins, minerals and amino acids sourced from certified suppliers. Although IV therapy is seemingly new, it has been practiced by holistic and naturopathic healers for over 50 years. 

When will I feel the effects of the solution?

While results are dependent on everybody's individual body chemistry and current state of Human Wellness you may see dramatic positive effects after your first solution. Most people notice an increase in energy levels and an overall health enhancing boost. People who get solutions regularly will feel less dramatic effects as their body starts to obtain optimal hydration and nutritional balance. 

Is there any reason I shouldn't receive an IV solution


We believe IV therapy can be beneficial for a wide variety of individuals. We also inform our customers of the fact that we are not a medical treatment center and therefore we do not treat or diagnose health issues. Alive Therapy offers a supportive therapeutic health and wellness service. If you have a major health condition please consult with your doctor before obtaining vitamin IV therapy.


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